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Based on the positive feedback on Wa'el Bibi CPA,CIA,CISA 's latest blog post : "So you want to be an Internal Auditor" , Bibi Consulting is pleased to announce that this topic is now available as a training session to new auditors and students looking to become auditors.Should your Company/College wish to participate in this training,please contact us.

Prepare your new internal auditors for success.Join the conversation & request this one hour presentation!
Is your Internal Audit function equipped to survive in the age of disruption & uncertainty? If not, let us help you disrupt it!
Bibi Consulting and AdapGility Consulting are teaming together to help you achieve the best results out of your internal audit function.

Contact us today for a free no obligation high level review of the state of your internal audit function.

Let's Disrupt your Internal Audit Function!
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Let's connect your organization with world-class internal audit executives
We connect world-class freelance internal audit executives with organizations requiring the services of such professionals on a contract or a temporary basis.

Such executives are available to work remotely and on-premises depending on the health regulations in your country during the COVID 19 pandemic. 
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