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Based on the positive feedback on Wa'el Bibi CPA,CIA,CISA 's latest blog post : "So you want to be an Internal Auditor" , Bibi Consulting is pleased to announce that this topic is now available as a training session to new auditors and students looking to become auditors.Should your Company/College wish to participate in this training,please contact us.

Prepare your new internal auditors for success.Join the conversation & request this one hour presentation!

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Is your Internal Audit function equipped to survive in the age of disruption? If not, let us help you disrupt it !
Bibi Consulting and AdapGility Consulting are teaming together to help you achieve the best results out of your internal audit function.
Contact us today for a free no obligation high level review of the state of your internal audit function.

Let's Disrupt your Internal Audit Function!
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We Are Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary
Celebrate with us and enjoy our special offers on external assessments! Free high-level reviews of Internal Audit Departments in Ontario,Canada.Contact us for details.