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Based on the positive feedback on Wa'el Bibi CPA,CIA,CISA 's latest blog post : "So you want to be an Internal Auditor" , Bibi Consulting is pleased to announce that this topic is now available as a training session to new auditors and students looking to become auditors.Should your Company/College wish to participate in this training,please contact us.

Our Training For New Auditors!
Prepare your new internal auditors for success.Join the conversation & request this one hour presentation!
  Special Promotional Offer!        
Bibi Consulting is offering a high level review of internal audit departments in selected cities in the Middle East and Ontario ,Canada at a promotional fee of US$1,000 during the Internal Audit Awareness month!
The work to be performed shall consist of a high level review of the company’s Internal Audit Department’s operations focusing on the following areas:
a.Authority, Organization and Independence
c.Audit process
d.Quality assurance
The review is not designed to audit the company’s operations in any form, or is designed to detect fraud or weakness in the company’s internal control system. It is not a substitute for the external assessment of the internal audit activity as stipulated by standard 1312 of the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, but it may help in preparing for such assessment.
Upon the completion of the review, the company shall receive a brief report summarizing the work performed and recommendations for major areas of improvements, if any. 
To take advantage of this offer,please contact us ASAP

Does your IA Department Conform with IIA Standards? Let Us Help !

Use of " Conforms with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing" by the IA activity is permitted only if the results of the quality assurance and improvement program (QAIP) support this statement. Our services include providing external independent  assessments of IA activities.

 Let us help your IA activity establish an effective QAIP ,by contacting us today .
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