What is AdapGility?
The name AdabGility was created by combining Adaptability with Agility.These two attributes are critical factors in building and managing operations in today’s economic and business environment.
What Can We Do?
Our objective is simple:we want to help you get your dream internal audit function! 

How we do that depends on your needs and how wild your dreams can be. We can  help with:

  • Recruiting the right internal auditors
  • Re-engineering the internal audit function
  • Out-sourcing and co-sourcing services
  • Training of internal auditors
  • External quality assessment
Disrupt yourself before you are disrupted!
Let's disrupt the status-quo of your internal audit activity and prepare you to deal with the real business disruptions!
Let's Start !
Contact us at adapgility@bibiconsulting.net to discuss your needs and how we can help you achieve your objectives.

Our services are available where you need it, when you want it! 

We are based in Ottawa, Canada and we provide our services worldwide.